15 August 2017

On the road - Florence, SC

Julia Belle's, Florence, SC     
My weekend day trip was to Florence, SC and googling a place for lunch we drove directly to the Florence Farmer's Market and had lunch at Julia Belle's. I was amazed at the size of the Farmer's Market building. It was large enough for cars to drive right through the building and pull up to park under the shed.

Besides the usual produce in the building there was another huge structure with antiques and thrift items so big that it was divided into sections by rooms - living room goods, bedroom furniture and so on. Sadly for me, my house is tiny and if I bring home anything new, something old must go.

We made a stop in the historic area that is under renovation and admired the shops and Hotel Florence but not for long. The skies opened and rain put a stop to our downtown exploration. Thanks for a nice visit Florence!

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