17 June 2017

Walk with me - Spring St., Charleston, SC

Spring St., Charleston, SC    
To keep up with the fast pace of changes in Charleston lately, I've been taking my weekend walks down and back one street at a time and grabbing shots. This morning I walked Spring St. capturing it's vibrant and colorful self. Spring St. has a Veggie Bin now, coffee shops and restaurants.

Sadly the only things that didn't attract my camera were the recent buildings as I crossed King St. heading east. While I am sure they are comfortable and modern we need to figure out a way to squeeze some of Charleston's famous charm and character into the newer buildings. Awning, colorful shutters - they need something. Welcome to Spring St. folks. Join me on my walk today.


  1. Some lovely architecture there, Joan!

    1. It is a variety package, isn't it?

  2. Keep up the good work.

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM

    If Spring and Cannon streets are not considered neighborhoods in transition which ones are? On my visits to Charleston we walked and walked and this is when you see the good the bad and the not so pretty. From the hole in the wall pizza by the slice joint to the Art store that goes on and on, the alleys that connect, the cupcake shop the donut shop, the City office that sell the study guides to be a Tour guide, The parks and public restrooms and paint stores. The blue bottle tree garden at the Spoleto House, there is the checkered floor in the Library society building, The Gibbs is an Oasis. You are so lucky to live in Charleston and I am so thankful for your sharing your photos.


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