28 June 2017

Need a Notary?

Notary Services, Bogard St., Charleston, SC    
Cutty's is a neighborhood bar across from a pizza restaurant at St. Philip's & Bogard St. The Notary Public sign caught my eye but I didn't notice the hours of operation until I got home. That is funny. Now check out the wee figure perched on top of the light fixture.

A former members-only club reborn as a boozy community center for Charleston's creatures of the night. We're divey and proud of it. Entrance on Bogard St, across from D'Al's Pizza.


William Kendall said...

So the bartender or manager has a side gig!

Anonymous said...

You know notaries can marry folks in SC. Wonder if they have done in wedding in there? My colleague married a biker couple at the North Myrtle Beach Library once.

Unknown said...