02 April 2017

Blossom time

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC    
I'll get back to street scenes, quirky signs and interesting buildings soon enough but it's hard to resist spring in Charleston. I've had company lately so I tend to revisit beautiful places and am happy to report that I never tire of walking through Magnolia Plantation and the Audubon Swamp Walk. One of my visitors is from Phoenix, Arizona and our lush spring landscape and oak tree canopied roads has been a treat to show off. They live in Portland and the current sunshine has been glorious after their dreary winter.

We counted down alligator sightings catching them in the sun and headed to Lola in North Charleston to complete the count with a gator-bite appetizer. We sat outside and watched all the folks who had run the bridge that morning celebrate their achievement. Congrats to all!

Gator Bites at Lola in Park Circle


Marcheline said...

Are those gator bites really .... made out of gator? Or is that just a cute name for chicken tenders?

William Kendall said...

Pretty spring flowers!

Catalyst said...

I was in a restaurant in Phoenix a year or so ago and heard the man in the next booth order some alligator appetizers. Once he tasted them he had to have alligator for his main meal, too. I stopped and spoke to him as we were leaving and he absolutely raved about the alligator. I haven't had it yet.

Charlestonjoan said...

They are. They are from the tail. Pretty much taste like chicken. Tasty with all the batter on but nothing you would rush back for. We ordered them for the novelty but we did eat them all.

Charlestonjoan said...

I wouldn't rave about them. As they tend to say about so many things, it rather "tastes like chicken". It was a fun novelty for company for out of town but nothing I'd need to order again. We did eat them all but that may have been as much for the tasty batter as the meat.