23 April 2017

ArtFields 2017

Lake City, SC    
If you are artsy, all roads lead to Lake City this week. Since 2013, this week long art festival in little Lake City offers more that $120,000 in prizes and invites attendees to pop into almost every business in town from barbershops to boutiques to enjoy the art on display. Everyone in town seems to be in on the project. I particularly enjoyed the elementary and high school art. Some of it was pretty incredible. The festival continues through next weekend. Go if you can!
Artfields: An annual, nine-day art competition in Lake City, South Carolina – and the largest competition of its kind – Artfields awards more than $120,000 in cash prizes to artists from across the Southeast. And, it’s also infused new energy, creativity, and growth into Lake City and its surrounding communities.


William Kendall said...

That first installation is my favourite!

Catalyst said...

There is some significant art there.