02 March 2017

Center for Birds of Prey

Center for Birds of Prey, Awendaw, SC
One of the good things about having guests is you go back to old favorite spots or try new ones. I had never been to the Center for Birds of Prey before so it was a first. 

Loved the owls, the flight demonstration and the Vulture Restaurant Feeding Area was a huge success. They lay out roadkill and the vultures and eagles swoop in for dinner making a most impressive show. The visit was well worth it. This was a regular day visit but they also have special events for photographers that I have been aware of and friends have gone to. 


William Kendall said...

Formidable birds! There's a conservation area near where I grew up that has these birds, not able to be back in the wild, but fulfilling an educational purpose.

Stefan Jansson said...

That looks like an interesting visit.