28 March 2017

Annette of the skies

Citadel campus, Charleston, SC     
I have a couple of friends named Annette so I always grab a shot of this neatly cared for F 4 Phantom under the oak trees on the campus of the Citadel when I go by. She certainly is the stand-out show stopper on this site of urban ghost planes.
Bearing the name Annette, the F4-C Phantom II wears the green and brown camouflage scheme commonly seen on US Air Force Phantoms during the Vietnam War. At a time when the last remnants of the active US Phantom force – converted to QF-4 drones – are being shot down as target practice for more modern jets, it’s good to see one so well looked after.


William Kendall said...

Quite a plane!

Catalyst said...

She looks very sleek.