06 January 2017

Yard scene

Yard scene, Charleston, SC   
This interesting line up caught my attention - Wentworth Mansion, slate roof and bicycle shelter. Nothing in new construction in Charleston seems to be such a feast for the eye on every street and around every corner.

Sniff, sniff. Almost everyone I know either has or is recovering from some kind of cold. Luckily I am on the almost better end. With the number of colds and viruses people catch each year and the dent they put in our lives it seems there should be more effort to prevent and cure them. I realize there are at least a couple of hundred different viruses to deal with but sheeesh. It seems like there should be more effort to do research. I put a call out for ideas for names for fundraising events for colds and this is what we came up with:

What would you call a fundraising event to raise money to cure colds?
The March for Mucous
The Sniffle Shuffle
The Viral 5K
Snot Trot
Honk & Toss 5K
Gesundheit Gala
Bronchial Bash
Runny Nose 5K
Rhino Run
Coughing Cuties
"Bless You" Barn Dance
Phlegm Aid 2017
The Red Nose Run Dear
Cough it Up!
Coryza Cause
The Nose Bowl
Music by The Buger Boys Band


William Kendall said...

Something about Rhino Run seems to do the trick!

Catalyst said...

I like the Gesundheit Gala.

BDinger said...

I like The Red Nose Rein Deer or maybe Gesundheit Gala. However, if you keep your gut biome healthy, you won't catch cold. Not enough people understand that that's the vulnerable part of your body where colds and the flu get their start. When your gut is compromised is when a cold gets a handhold. All that sugar and alcohol during the holidays doesn't help.

Charlestonjoan said...

Hahah! We came up with some good ones!

Charlestonjoan said...

I do too! Someone needs to use these ideas.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Robin has measles and weasles they bundled him up in his bed. They gave him what goes for a cold in the nose and some more for a cold in the head. They wondered if measles could turn into feazles ..... My apologies to A. A, Milne if memory serves me correctly this is a cute poem- there is more in the book was it When We were Very Young?