08 January 2017

Remuddled corner

Rutledge & Spring St., Charleston, SC

This Old House magazine used to have a page dedicated to a "remuddled" rather than a remodeled building and this one at Rutledge and Spring St. should win a prize. What the heck? There might be an attractive building or two under this hodge-podge mess.
Remuddle: (architecture, pejorative) To remodel a building or room in a way that obscures or destroys key aspects of the original design
Hmmm...I googled This Old House Remuddled feature and it may still exist. Perhaps I should submit this image for a chance at $100. 

I imagine it is pretty clear I took the image during the drizzle yesterday. 

1 comment:

William Kendall said...

It's quite a mashup of designs!