11 January 2017

Ashe St. fixer upper

44 Ashe St., Charleston, SC   
I'll need to revisit this home soon to see how it looks after renovation. It is a project!

Lord have mercy, the news is wiping me out. It is probably for the best that I got rid of cable and stopped home delivery of the Post & Courier. I can't bear to see it. Someone make it stop. 


  1. It's only the beginning, Joan, only the beginning.

  2. That needs a lot of work.

    I have taken to only reading the newspapers. There's a certain amount of distance in the printed page as opposed to 24/7 television news. Though I did watch the President's speech the other day. He will be sorely missed.

  3. That's more accurately a fixer, fixer, fixer upper.:)


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