19 December 2016

SUP Lesson

Colonial Dorchester State Park, Summerville, SC 
Today is cold and damp but yesterday was an extraordinarily warm midwinter gift. I grabbed a sandwich and was sitting on a bench at Colonial Dorchester State Park watching a young father chase his daughter. They were laughing and taking turns tagging each other when they paused to watch a group of stand up paddlers go by.

The little gal called out wanting a ride and the paddlers turned around and came to the bank. Dad helped the four year old on the board and off they went. They were all so patient and kind and she got an experience she will never forget.

And now it's so cold and gray again it is hard to believe it even happened!


  1. Such a nice thing for them to do. Merry Christmas Joan.

  2. Um.... man puts his four year old child on a wobbly floating thing with a complete stranger. On a LAKE. Just.... no, no, no. Anyone who has ever seen how fast a four year old child can go from fine to upside down will know why my hair is standing straight up right now.

    1. Hahah! Gotta take some risks in life. This was a sweet and successful moment. Everyone lived. Dad was right there.

  3. We have them here. The company must store them somewhere over the winter.


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