26 December 2016

Old Pitt St. bridge walking

Old Pitt St. Bridge, Mt. Pleasant, SC  
I stopped at BiLo on the way home from a funeral visitation to find the cold and flu remedy shelves ransacked and in disarray. Apparently I'm not the only one who got the sniffles for Christmas. Achooo. Netflix and chill for the rest of the evening. 

I did drag myself out to walk this morning aiming to get a picture of the controversial mural at Moes. It is very cool and I hope they don't make them take it down. I got the mural shot, walked the boardwalk at Shem Creek, roamed old Mt. Pleasant and then hiked down to the old Pitt St. bridge. For a sniffling gal I got my steps in for the day. 

The Old Pitt Street Bridge was once the trolley trestle connecting Mt. Pleasant to Sullivan's Island in the late 1920's. It closed when the Ben Sawyer bridge opened in 1945. Now the spot is an attractive park area and popular for fishing, crabbing, bird-watching and strolling. 


  1. And the photo of the mural is........ where?

  2. So glad you included a pic of The Pickett's plaque, Joan. Dr Pickett was THE family doctor, they lived down the street from us on Sullivan's Island in one of the beautiful old army officers home named WINDSONG. Mrs. Pickett worked in his Mt. Pleasant office next to Pitt Street Pharmacy. Everyone loved them.

  3. Mrs. Splapthing - mural photos to follow! Gotta stretch a photo shoot out to keep up with the daily blog goal!

  4. Annie W. He was wonderful! I've heard so many good stories about him. Thanks for your comment.

  5. It looks like a pleasant area to be in, even on a grey day.

  6. Rob Eades4:07 PM

    That is one of the best spots in greater Charleston to spend a half hour or so,and seems to be almost unknown to tourists.

    1. True. Maybe I should delete my post and keep it that way ;) Sometimes I deliberately don't talk about some things. Sad but true.


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