14 December 2016

Beaufain St. pinkie

Beaufain St., Charleston, SC  

The funny thing is, I had this image in my camera and then happened to be talking to a gentleman who mentioned painting his house pink. Yep. It was this one. He wanted it to have a New Orleans mood. I imagine like the other houses in pink, they have to be painted brighter to allow for the quick fading in the sun. Click here to see every other time I have mentioned the word pink in this blog. 


  1. I think it has more of a Mexican feel.

  2. Long ago in the days of yore when I was a student at C of C I was being trained to sell pots an pans door to door. The salesman who was instructing me in the fine art of hornswoggling folks out of their hard earned money gave me this fine piece of advice: "Son, when you see a house painted pink celebrate. Those folks inside will buy anything." I've never been able to look at a pink house the same to this day.

  3. Barbie drank Pepto-Bismol and threw up on that house. Ew.


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