10 October 2016

Time flies when the wind is blowing!

Quick update. I hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew is safe and home to find minimal destruction. My son and I evacuated to Augusta where he found us a room at Hotel Evacuee on the Fort Gordon Military base. It was actually a Holiday Inn express but welcomed civilians and we were very grateful. Augusta was full of us east coast strays hiding out and sharing what we knew. Being able to stay in touch online was a godsend.

We left for home at the crack of dawn yesterday not knowing what we would find. My little house is low and close to a retention ditch. It did not flood inside! Yipee! I had a lot of debris and tree limbs and still have no power but I can't complain. I opened the windows, got my candles out and rolled my sleeves up and got to work feeling very fortunate.

I may not have power for awhile but all is well and I hope you are as well. Thanks for all the offers of help and shelter. Picture me blowing kisses to everyone!


Catalyst said...

Hoorah! Glad to hear you're safe and relatively sound, Joan.

Jack said...

Nice to her that Matthew didn't get you too badly. It was quite a violent storm!

William Kendall said...

Good that your place got through relatively okay, considering what that storm did.

Suzie Townsend said...

I am so glad that you didn't have any major damage, Joan. it was a terrible time for everyone. I am seeing now that it is a big ice breaker for everyone everywhere you go - Did you evacuate? Where did you go? How was your home? Did you lose electricity? Everyone has their story to tell. I really loved hearing some of the stories from strangers. Glad you are OK!