01 October 2016

Eating in R Kitchen - West Ashley

R Kitchen, West Ashley, Charleston, SC  
I whine and complain every time there is a list of new restaurant openings and none of them are in the part of town I live in now, West Ashley. Waa, waaa...... I have however been aware that R Kitchen was opening in the former Livelihood Cafe on Ashley River Road just around the corner from me but hadn't seen any sign that it was clearly open yet. It is!

There is a mysterious system of texting the chef to see what opening they have and then bingo, you are in. There is a long counter and Ross, the chef cooked up an incredible dinner for us. There were five courses and bottles of paired wines on the counter. He had had an incredible day full of disasters beyond his control but he was funny and magically presented delicious dishes for us. We had a compatible group. My son joined me, and there were six others in our seating. We had a wonderful time full of laughter and tasty treats. Thanks chef!

Edit: When you are ready to make a plan, text Chef Ross at 843-789-0725 to ask about reservations. They seat at 6 p.m. and/or 8 p.m. Mostly about $45 for dinner with choices of drink pairings. It was a lot of fun. It's the yellow house on 1337 Ashley River Rd. 


Catalyst said...

Looks like an interesting eating place.

William Kendall said...

Sounds and looks like everyone enjoyed it.