22 September 2016

McD says, Hi!

Ronald McDonald House, Charleston, SC  
I was returning to my car after a reception at the Governor Thomas Bennett house and turned to see Ronald McDonald waving goodbye to me.
The Ronald McDonald House opened its doors 32 years ago as a home away from home where families stay while their children undergo extensive medical treatment. Today, the House is able to serve 32 families every single night.Here, parents and children lead a life as normal as possible during their traumatic times without the financial burden of costly hotel and travel expenses. Our home offers these families’ comfortable beds, hot meals, a caring staff, and a four-legged friend, Gardy, all just steps from the hospital.


  1. I am back again after a self-imposed hiatus from blogging, a failed attempt! Missed all of you too much to continue!!
    You must have blown him a kiss!

  2. The Kroc's did some good with their money.

  3. There are some of them here, especially where we have children's hospitals.


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