26 August 2016

UFO Welcome Center - Bowman, SC

UFO Welcome Center, Bowman, SC 
I need a quick detour to check on the UFO Welcome center in Bowman, SC if I am ever in the area. It isn't a happy sight. The UFO is looking pretty shaky. The next good breeze might send it flying. Funny how these quirky scenes make it into every roadside wonder web site yet none of the locals pay any attention to them.
The saucer-shaped UFO Welcome Center stands in Jody's yard. He began building it in 1994, intending it to be a place where aliens could be comfortable meeting people from Earth (it's 46 feet across, the same diameter as most UFOs, according to Jody). He later added a second, smaller saucer on top so that the aliens can take Jody with them when they leave. 

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William Kendall said...

Very odd!