18 August 2016

Roadside bouquet

Ferns, Charleston, SC 
If it was on my property I'd be sighing and pulling them as weeds but somehow when I see them on the street popping out of cracks the display delights me.

I had a different day today and spent much of it at the Dermatology & Laser Center having the mohs procedure for a bit of skin cancer on my ear. Not my favorite way to spend a day but all went well as far as I can tell. I'll be sleeping on one side tonight and trying to figure out how I will wash my hair without getting my bandages wet until Monday. Hmmm.


William Kendall said...

I hope the procedure took care of everything.

Catalyst said...

I think that's the first time I've ever seen you without a big smile on your face. I was to my dermatologist the other day and got sprayed with liquid nitrogen for some pre-cancerous spots. That left me with a big ugly red spot on my forehead. Getting old is a b----!

Marcheline said...

Poor you - hope it's better soon!