12 August 2016


Coming St., Charleston, SC    
Real estate is selling like hot cakes in Charleston but don't worry, we still have plenty of fixer-up properties to temp the renovation soul. This home is on Coming St. I've never seen it for sale but it could use some luvin'.

Friday, payday! The only good thing about time passing so quickly is that pay days seem to come around faster and that is always handy. I like to get a quick start on my weekend and made it to a movie matinee at Citadel Mall to see the Florence Foster Jenkins movie. Perfect way to end a week. 


William Kendall said...

That could use a lot of work!

Catalyst said...

That fixer-upper may be a tearer-downer.

Charlestonjoan said...

The front part is masonry so hopefully salvageable. We don't tear down much hear. I worry that the windows are broken and exposed.