21 July 2016

See the summer bouquet?

Colorful centerpiece, Sullivan's Island, SC 
Can you see it? 
I spotted this colorful and clever display at my friend Josephine's home and thought it would make a good table centerpiece. You can spot a glimpse of Archie the poodle in the side of the photo. 

Watching and reading the news is so awful these days I am sticking to light and funny posts. 
Nothing serious here kids. 

It is hot and humid in Charleston but I made yummy Shepherd's pie for my son and still got my 10,000 steps in. I think I am done. 


  1. Quite different. The poodle's a welcome sight.

    We have heat and humidity here as well, with temperatures around 30C today.

  2. Thank you for the light and funny. I am doing that on FB too. I am so tired of the world troubles - it breaks my heart.

    Just last week, in Charleston, my daughter was given a Date Rape Drug. She managed to leave alone and is OK, but she is not OK because it messed with her mind, her rape defense came alive, she attacked her boyfriend and tore her ACL in her knee that she had replaced less than a year ago.(she doesn't even remember it) Now she is looking at surgery again. What kind of a world are we living in, Joan?


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