09 July 2016

How much is that horsey in the window?

Old South Carriage, Charleston, SC    
Love this mural. 
I feel like the horse in the window sticking my head out to see of it is too hot to go out. 
Blah. Another 100 degree day. 
I can do it. I can make myself stretch my legs. 
I'll walk down to the Harris Teeter and buy the ingredients for this pasta salad


William Kendall said...

Wow, you have to look twice!

Catalyst said...

It's not the heat, it's the humidity. (commenting from dry heat Arizona!)

Anonymous said...

Well Catalyst, it IS the heat here in semi-arid Northern Colorado; 97 deg F at 4:00pm & still climbing. Humidity is around only 25%
but it's still "too damn hot." Joan, love the photo and I had to look really closely to get the trompe l'oeil horse.
Warm cheers to all,
Diane in (Sweltering)