11 June 2016

Sumter tour & Swan Lake

Sumter, SC   
This weekend's adventure was to Sumter, SC. I had in mind a few weekends ago to get to the annual Iris festival at Swan Lake in Sumter but thinks didn't work out. I believe the entire festival was postponed due to the weather. I thought there might be some blooms left. Sumter was a pleasant surprise with a revitalized downtown area and a lovely opera house. We found an upscale sports bar for lunch and then headed out to Swan Lake.

There were only a few blossoms left on the irises but we did find an impressive number of swans. They boast about having every species of swan represented on the lake and I think we saw them all. The web site lists the different varieties. We also found a Butterfly, Braille and a Chocolate garden representing any plant that had any relation to chocolate. All in all a very successful adventure!


  1. A black swan! And you high-tailing it to Chocolate Garden! What more could anyone want in a blog post? You're terrific, Joan!

  2. Chocolate Garden. I'll be right behind you, Joanie.

  3. Chocolates come in gardens these days?

    That black swan's quite a beauty.


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