20 June 2016

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Wentworth Fire Station, Meeting St., Charleston, SC   
If the dog is sleeping things must be calm at the fire station, right? It did make me do a little research on the connection between dalmatians and fire stations. This is what I learned.
Dalmatians: Because of the dog/horse bond, the dalmatian easily adapted to the firehouse in the days of horse-drawn fire wagons. Since every firehouse had a set of fast horses to pull the pumper, it became common for each group of firefighters to keep a dalmatian in the firehouse to guard the firehouse and horses. When the alarm came in, the dalmatian led the way for the horse-drawn pumper. In this way, the dalmatian became the firefighters' companion and a symbol of the fire service. Today, dalmatians are still found in many firehouses in England, Canada, and the United States.


William Kendall said...

Neat sculpture. So that's the connection!

Anonymous said...

Dalmatians have a genetic predisposition to deafness. I enjoy your images and nominate you for an award, as you share with your readers an excellent point of view. Keep up the good work. thank you.

Charlestonjoan said...

What a lovely comment. Thank you very much!

Charlestonjoan said...

One time I walked by and a fireman was on his knees painting the dog.