27 May 2016

Westies are Besties! These are a few of my favorite things.

Murals of Avondale, Charleston, SC   
West Ashley. Is it the name of a place or a description of a location? There has been discussion lately about a meaningful sense of place and management of the rapid growth of the area - west of the Ashley River. I live West Ashley. I walk, I snoop, I revisit favorite spots. I am tickled when I happen upon something new, charming or quirky. This entry visits some of my touchstone spots. I am happy to hear about yours. What do you love about West Ashley?

chART Outdoor Gallery, Avondale, Charleston, SC   
The alley of murals behind the shops of Avondale are on my regular walking route. Lining both sides of the narrow drive the chART Outdoor Gallery & Initiative changes frequently and are worth revisiting often. 

Coburg Cow, Avondale, Charleston, SC   
A rotating cow statue has had a presence on Savannah Highway since the 1920's. We don't even have a Coburg Dairy anymore but the current owners - Borden, agreed to maintain our favorite cow. Our cow has a seasonally updated wardrobe that includes Easter bonnets, festive Spoleto wear, graduation robes and Halloween costumes. When the West Of newsletter awards it's prestigious community award, the trophy is nothing less than a golden cow statue

Wood Nymph, Middleton Place, Charleston, SC   
The beloved Wood Nymph statue at Middleton Plantation Gardens was buried in 1865 to save her from marauding Yankee soldiers and survived the Civil War unscathed. She now sits serenely by the Azalea Pool and must be one of the most frequently photographed statues in the country even if that only counts me. I've recently had my eye on this miniature version for sale in their gift shop. 
Birds roosting at Citadel Mall, Charleston, SC  
Every spring flocks of birds swoop in and roost in the wetlands next to Citadel Mall Theater. It is a stunning sight. They don't stay long but make a big impression when they are here. Luckily I go to the movies often enough to usually catch them during their visit. 

The Adventure, Charles Towne Landing, Charleston, SC   

The good ship ADVENTURE is a reproduction of a 17th century coastal trader cargo vessel that would have carried supplies, provisions and livestock between what was then New Amsterdam (now New York) and Barbados in the West Indies. I stop by to say hello every time I visit Charles Towne Landing. 

Ivy covered doors, Meditation Garden, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital
I may be biased because it is my work location but this is a beautiful and peaceful spot. The doors set under the grand oaks are almost completely overgrown with ivy now. 

Burial spot inside an ancient oak, Magnolia Gardens, Charleston, SC 
When the former owner of Magnolia Gardens John Drayton Hastie passed away he was cremated and his remains were put in a box that was tucked inside the trunk of the ancient oak tree. As the tree grows is it gradually covering the opening and sealing him inside the tree. 

Ms. Rose's Wall of China, Charleston, SC   
I came back to make an addition and may add more! This could turn into a Best of the West entry. When Ms. Rose's restaurant was built they used all the old china and silverware from the previous restaurant to design a wall in the back of the dining area. It is wonderful! I call it Ms. Rose's Fine Wall of China. Order your dinner and then pay a visit to the Wall of China. 

These are some of my favorite West Ashley places and things. What are yours?


Marcheline said...

I've always loved the "buried in a tree" guy. Great idea! Have you ever wondered why people don't "roost", only birds do? I rather enjoy roosting in my patio chair of a morning, with a good book, a cat, and a cup of good English tea...

Charlestonjoan said...

When I posted the bird entry before I mistakenly called it a rookery and was corrected. They were not nesting there but passing through. Roost on, baby!

William Kendall said...

The nymph is my favourite of these.