05 May 2016

Teeny, tiny houses

Sutherland Ct., Charleston, SC    
Here are a couple of little cuties in the smaller scale. I walked the area around Hampton Park on Sunday and spotted them on that tiny cut through street off of Huger. The top one needs some luvin'.

What a beautiful day! I had mid-day meetings at the Mount Pleasant Hospital so got out of the office and enjoyed the freedom. It is crisp and cool at the moment and I am back on my walking routine. I had been sidetracked by a couple of sprains and heel pain but marching onward again.

TV is so dreadful now that I get so sad when I finish a series I enjoy on Netflix. It feels like I will never find anything I care about enough to watch again and then, bingo I find something. This time I latched on to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Fun stuff. It is a change from my recent streak of Nordic detective and police reporter shows.

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William Kendall said...

The second one is very pretty!