13 May 2016

April's Playhouse

April's Playhouse, Florence, SC    
I was in Florence, SC for meetings today. It was the gathering of the clan chieftains of volunteer management in healthcare. We decided to rotate our meeting locations to different hospitals around the state so we could snoop around on each other's turf and today we were hosted by McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence. I knew I wasn't going to get time to explore but perked up considerable when I spotted this little sweetie as we pulled into the parking lot. The sign reads:
"APRIL'S PLAYHOUSE" This historic cupola was part of a nineteenth century home which served for many years as the medical office of the late Dr. Joseph Sylvester. Dr. and Mrs. Sylvester later preserved the cupola as "April's Playhouse" for their daughter. The Sylvester family lovingly gave the structure to McLeod Regional Medical Center in 1997.
Then, since I was meeting with Volunteer managers I learned the most fun fact. April herself, is still a volunteer at the hospital.

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William Kendall said...

That certainly is pretty!