31 May 2016

A patriotic show

Belvedere Hotel, Charleston, SC   
I am a day late but loved this picture of the giant flag draped over the porch. The gorgeous building is the Belvedere Hotel on Rutledge Avenue right across from Colonial Lake. The other flags are from the annual Memorial Day tribute on Lockwood Ave. It is a sight to see along the waterfront. 

I have NOT had a relaxing evening after searching for the source of a dripping noise inside my house. Boo hiss. The drip pan from my air-conditioning unit in the attic had overflowed and was dripping through the ceiling. Climbing around hot attics is not my idea of fun. Blah. Charles, my loyal heat and air repairman from Carolina Climate Masters responded to my plea for help and although I still have a wet ceiling I do have air-conditioning again.