21 April 2016

Waterfront Mural

Cherry Point Seafood, Wadmalaw, SC   
This evening's pictures are of Cherry Point Seafood dock from a recent drive to Wadmalaw Island. There wasn't much action while we were there but this is what the Charleston City Paper has to say:

People from Kiawah, Johns Island, and Seabrook flock to the Cherry Point Seafood dock to watch ships unload hundreds of pounds of shrimp, tuna, mahi, swordfish, and redfish. The packing house staff ices freshly caught seafood, packages it, and sends it around the world. Customers buy product directly off the boat at the retail store in Wadmalaw, and whatever isn’t sold to locals and restaurants like Rosebank Farms Café and the Fat Hen gets shipped as far away as Japan. Cherry Point Seafood has been in business since 1933, and current owner Micah LaRoche inherited the operation from his father. Local Rockville fishermen supply Cherry Point with all the fish and shrimp they sell. Cherry Point also carries wreckfish, tasty bottom feeders that are difficult to catch but worth the trouble.
In the bottom image, it appears my ship finally came in and it ain't good news.


William Kendall said...

I wonder how long that boat's been amid the woods!

I like the mural.

Catalyst said...

That boat in the woods made me laugh. But then I realized it probably wasn't funny to the crew when it made it's (crash) landing.