22 February 2016

Storm sewer designs

Storm Sewer, Charleston, SC  
I thought this was a pretty decorative storm sewer drain until I googled Storm Sewer Cover designs. The things I learn down the google rabbit hole are amazing and time consuming. Did you know some cities have storm sewer design contests and use the winning designs all over the city? Kansas City, Vancouver and North East Ohio had design contests as well. It looks like storm sewer design contests were a big thing in 2014, 2015. Sadly the web sites haven't been updated to showcase the winning entries.

I had the urge to learn how to cook some Cuban dishes after my recent trip. I thought I should test a few before I shared them with friends so I just took a roast pork out of the oven and finished simmering rice and beans. Smells darn good in there. I hope it all warms up nicely when I am actually hungry. 


William Kendall said...

Up here they are sadly just standard covers.

Anonymous said...

YES! I have stopped on my walks here in Charlotte to admire them! On my street, there is a cover with a beautiful fish!

Catalyst said...

Ummm, your roast pork, rice and beans smells VERY good over here. What time should I arrive?

Jack said...

Fancy sewer cover. I see nice ones online but rarely in person.