20 February 2016

Let it bleed

Scarifator Bloodletting Tool
What the heck? I spotted this on Craigslist antique section and couldn't figure it out. Bloodletting was certainly a popular medical treatment but how and what does this do? It may or may not be a Charleston related item but it is being sold from North Charleston.

It is described as:

Scarifator Bloodletting Tool:  19th century bloodletting tool. 12 blade. Perfect working condition. Has a box but missing lid.

I found more here: From Medical Antiques
Why bleed with one spring-loaded blade when you could have 4, 12, or even 20? As long ago as the 17th century there were multi-bladed bleeders called scarificators.  These became very popular in shown a basic octagonal English scarificator.The case is brass and the mechanism and blades are steel. There is a depth adjuster for the blades on the top and the blades are cocked by the lever on top. The release switch is on the side. This allowed the blades to swing around, making multiple cuts at once. *Approximate values -- a similar piece was found for sale, condition was not quite as good, for $450.
Asssck@! I just found a YouTube video showing how it works. Yikes.

Sounds like the local item is a good deal for a medical collector since it is selling for $275.

Happy weekend kids!