02 January 2016

Shell Art

Shell Art, Charleston, SC   
I walked the upper peninsula this morning - Percy, Sires, Ashe, Rose Lane and Bogard St. It's been a while since I wandered that route and things are changing at neck-breaking speed but there is always some new quirky feature to catch my eye.

My days are so confused. As much as it feels like Sunday night, it is just Saturday. Yipee! One more day off for you, and you, and YOU.


Catalyst said...

OMG, I thought I was maybe the only one that had my days confused. And I'm RETIRED! As SWMBO said tonight, "think of the people who are still working, how confused they must be!"

William Kendall said...

A curious addition to a building.

Christmas and New Years always have that way of totally disorienting your sense of time.