21 January 2016

On the road - Cuba: Fusterlandia!

Fusterlandia, Cuba
Much of Cuba was a surprise but this I was waiting for and practically pushed my way off the bus to get to. Fusterlandia is the happily chaotic and colorful work of artist Jose Fuster. We had a limited visit to this spot so I dashed around clicking my camera hoping to catch on camera what I might be missing in real life.  Isn't this grand?! Not only is his entire property covered with ceramic tiles but it has spilled over into the neighboring houses and streets in every direction and everyone seemed to be in on the fun. Enjoy!
Cuba's answer to Gaudi: Renowned Cuban artist José Fuster uses his entire barrio of Jaimanitas on the outskirts of Havana as a canvas, decorating the walls, squares and 80 houses in ornate ceramics, mosaics and bold splashes of colour. The unique work of public art has transformed this modest sleepy suburb into a dreamlike streetscape, unlike anything else in the world