30 January 2016

Colonial Lake drained

Colonial Lake drained for restoration, Charleston, SC  
This isn't something we will see very often! As part of the Colonial Lake improvement project the lake is actually drained. It isn't as deep as I would have guessed. Things are progressing and I can't wait until the fences come down. It is going to be a lovely spot again.

According to the web site, the improvements will include: 

  • A new and improved flushing system so water within the Colonial Lake Basin will be more consistent with the water quality in the Ashley River. Controls within the flushing system will enable the water level to be maintained at most times to between 12 and 18 inches below the promenade level.
  • Gardens designed and maintained with the highest level of horticultural skill will be added to Colonial Lake.
  • The promenade around Colonial Lake will be enhanced with new, improved and additional pathways and shade trees.
  • Seating and gathering places will be situated in each of the four corners of the park.
  • Rutledge and Ashley avenues will be slightly narrowed to slow traffic and enhance pedestrian safety. All travel lanes and on-street parking lanes will be maintained. The resulting additional park space will be used for additional street trees, including added shade trees along Ashley Avenue.
  • Historical markers and displays will detail the lake’s history.


William Kendall said...

I am used to seeing a lake here, as part of the canal system, get lowered for winters. It makes quite a difference.

Catalyst said...

I wonder who's paying for all that.