27 January 2016

Before & After - Spring St. Cannon Green

Cannon Green, 103 Spring St., Charleston, SC  
I've been wandering the streets of Charleston long enough to have watching current businesses through a series of previous reincarnations. I used to take pictures of the worn hand-painted signs of River's Auto Repair until it was painted over with a eye-catching Shepard Fairey mural.  After a complete renovation the building is now an upscale restaurant and event space called Cannon Green. I haven't had the chance to get inside yet since I tend to walk at odd times of the day but it looks very striking.


  1. That face certainly catches the eye.

  2. That's a great do-over.

  3. I agree that face painting is just striking. It’s so attractive that I want to use such picture in decoration of my event space Chicago on my event day. I am sure my guests going to love the decoration part as it will be unique idea for them.

  4. What amazing changes to the building - yet the tree in front looks exactly the same in all three photos.


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