09 December 2015

Coleman Marine Supply

Coleman Marine Supply, Morrison Dr., Charleston, SC 
Not a bad landmark for a Marine supply business, eh! It certainly is eye catching.

I just got back from a dinner/household shower thrown by a group of my hospital volunteers for one of the ladies whose house flooded during our recent floods. She was quite surprised and emotional to know that so many people cared for her. I do work with some fine people. She was in the group from the Shadowmoss area that not only got flooded for the second time just after being rebuilt but was robbed as well. Can you believe that? Thieves went in and took what valuables weren't water damaged. That is a sad statement. Tonight her friends tried to heal some of the damage done.


William Kendall said...

How low can a thief go?

Not everyone falls that far, fortunately.

Marcheline said...

Sad about that lady's house... as for the petite propeller, it would be much more attractive without the blue plastic bins alongside.

Les said...

Reading about those thieves really makes me want to believe in karma.

If they are just going to put out those props out with the trash, I would love to have one.