22 November 2015

SC Artisan's Center - Walterboro

SC Artisan's Center, Walterboro, SC   
The SC Artisan's Center is in Walterboro and packed full of colorful crafts, painting, metal work and pottery.  I've wondered if it is such a success in this location, why don't we have a similar showcase for South Carolina Artisans in other parts of the state? It seems their wares should be promoted in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville etc. There must be a reason. Perhaps it would compete with other local galleries.

Behind the shop was the little cabin pictured below with a brightly colored red rocking chair on the porch. Walterboro's tag line is "Front Porch of the Lowcountry" and their symbol is a red rocking chair. They have a lovely downtown street with enough antique stores to explore and make a day trip worthwhile. We had lunch at Castillo's Pizza restaurant and I'd order my eggplant parmesan sandwich again any day.
South Carolina’s Official Folk Art and Craft Center
The South Carolina Artisans Center’s mission is to interpret, market, preserve and perpetuate the folk art and fine craftsmanship of South Carolina Artisans while creating a better understanding of our rich and diverse cultural heritage. Come see the best South Carolina has to offer in handcrafted art.



William Kendall said...

My eyes get drawn to the stained glass.

Catalyst said...

I just watched a television piece on your Boiled Peanuts seller on CBS Sunday Morning. He seems like quite a character. It made me want to try them.