15 November 2015

All in the family - Jimmy Bailey for Jimmy Bailey, Jr.

Jimmy Bailey, Charleston, SC  
A familiar face just came to my door - Jimmy Bailey knocked rallying support for his son Jimmy Bailey, Jr. in Tuesday's run off election for Charleston City Council. I think I can do that! All the best to our candidates and thank you for working to improve Charleston. May all the best folks win and lead us into the future. Charleston is growing at breakneck speed and needs thoughtful guidance.

Mr. Bailey recognized me. Since I work with so many students and healthcare mentoring programs and he works with the YESCarolina program, we have landed at some of the same events supporting teenagers in the lowcountry. You can read about his work with YESCarolina here.

I have a hard time posting lighthearted entries when there are so many terrible things happening in the world and recent terrorist strikes in Kenya, Beirut and Paris. I read the news and keep up with what is happening and wish I had more to contribute to solutions. I feel so sad and helpless. 


William Kendall said...

He looks like quite a character.

Catalyst said...

Councilman Jimmy Bailey Junior. I like the sound of that. Good luck to him.

Marcheline said...

Any relation to George Bailey - from the old building and loan? 8-)