27 September 2015

Thoughtful messages

Everything Has Beauty, Charleston, SC  
Whew. I had a myself a busy week. I only had one day in the office squeezed between a conference in Orlando and a trip to Columbia and came back to a pile of envelopes under my door, things hanging from my doorknob, phone messages and notes taped up for me to deal with. I had work events both evenings I was home and hours of photo uploading to do after that. I needed a Joan clone.

Other than doing wash and getting a short walk in I pretty much crashed yesterday, me and George Gently snuggling on the couch catching up. I did wander a bit downtown to stretch my legs after so much sitting and these fun signs perked me up.

Have a good Sunday, kids!


William Kendall said...

Hopefully you get a few easier days now!

Charlestonjoan said...

Just what I needed ...a day doing not much of anything. Perfect.

Marcheline said...

The person who made the sign in the second photo must be a fan of "Say Yes to the Dress".... that's Randy's favorite greeting to brides!