12 September 2015

Thelma & Louise Charleston Style!

Thelma & Louise, Charleston Style!
I've been taking enough weekend road trips with my friend Rosie that folks have laughingly called us Thelma & Louise. I can't help it. She loves to drive and I aim to be the perfect sidekick. We haven't decided who is who, there have been no Brad Pitt sightings and luckily there are no cliffs in the lowcountry but the tag name stuck in my head. Thelma & Louise, Thelma & Louise....what could we do with that?

I happen to have just the right gang of talented friends to pull together a morning of silliness and this is what we came up with! Thanks to my friend, co-worker and photographer Leah Sparks - who usually concentrates on photographing birds in swamps, convertible owner and set designer Laura and fashion consultant Lisa, we almost killed ourselves laughing.

After I wound my wild hair back on top of my head and Leah wiped the raindrops off her lens we headed to the Fish House at Patriot's Point for lunch with perhaps the best view in town.

Thanks ladies! I am still grinning!

To see what Leah usually takes pictures of and prints to consider for purchase check out her website at: L.S. Photography