16 September 2015

Single & nekkid

Duncan St., Charleston, SC  
There is a rare unpainted Charleston single house on Duncan St.
Charleston single house is a form of house found in Charleston, South Carolina. The house is well-suited to long, narrow lots which were laid out in early Charleston. A single house has its narrow side (often two- or three-bays wide) with a gable end along the street and a longer side (often five-bays) running perpendicular to the street.
So, if that is the definition of single house, how about the definition of Nekkid? I found that too:
Nekkid is not simply being without clothing--It means you are gettin' nekkid for mischevious purposes. Naked is natural; nekkid is naughty.
I had a lovely dinner with friends this evening at Hanks Seafood. We went to take advantage of the Restaurant Week deal but ended up ordering off the regular menu. Yum!