19 September 2015

Lake Marion Boat Tour

Santee State Park, Fisheagle Tours
There is nothing like being out on the water in a boat, is there? It's like an instant vacation. On a recent trip with friends to Lake Marion we took advantage of the boat tour of the lake offered by Fisheagle Tours.
Fisheagle ToursThe Wildlife Swamp Tour is our original and most favorite tour. We offer this on Wed & Sat @1 PM and Fri @10 AM.  It originates from Santee State Park in Santee, SC and is about 2 hours long.  You can anticipate seeing pristine wildlife including several species of wetland wading birds like egrets and herons, as well as anhingas, ducks and neo-tropical migrating songbirds.  Along the way we’ll journey through “Osprey Village” where we view over 20 Osprey nests in the middle of the swamp.  Occasional alligators and lots of turtles can also be seen. The voyage meanders through a Bald cypress and Water Tupelo Forest that is absolutely beautiful.  
For an interesting twist, in October they dock the boat at Gilligan's in Monks Corner and let passengers ride through the locks.

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