24 September 2015


Folly Beach, SC  
Whew....that will teach me to leave my office for meetings. I scrambled to do a week's worth of work in a day so I can head to Columbia in the morning. I had my fingers in a lot of pies today. I do wish they were pecan, cherry and perhaps a chicken pot pie.

I spotted this scene on Folly Beach yesterday afternoon. Then I passed a couple looking for shark's teeth and they had a good haul. I whined that I never was able to spot one so they generously gave me one as a souvenir.

I am off to catch up on some Papal visit footage. The Pope does New York seems to be what is playing this evening.


  1. Better to see shark's teeth on the beach than in the mouth of one at close range!

  2. Why are they black, I wonder? Buddha with glasses on his head - ha!


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