23 August 2015

Water Lilies

Brookgreen Gardens, SC 
Wash in, dishes drying. I am doing all my chores in the last hour of the weekend as usual. At least I don't need to water the plants after the regular downpours we've been having.

Don't you love it when you find a new series to love on Netflix? Indulging in another episode is like eating bonbons. Then, don't you hate it when you are watching the last episode? What will I do now? There is such nonsense on regular tv.  I am watching the last episode of three seasons of Rita, a Danish show about a school teacher. Rita is outspoken and rebellious and gets entangled in the lives of all the students she teaches. Be forewarned, it is subtitled and she is pretty outrageous. 

As much as I enjoyed the statues at Brookgreen Gardens yesterday I really loved these water lilies in the fountain and the fields of caladiums under the oak trees.



  1. Yes, we love Netflix! Currently re-watching the second-to-last season of MadMen so that we can segue seamlessly into THE last season (waaaaah!), which we haven't seen yet. Also waiting for the next season of "Hell on Wheels"... you're right, it's exactly like bonbons... especially Don Draper and Cullen Bohannon! *wink*

  2. All that Spanish moss is what catches my eye in particular- so very different!

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  4. The Spanish moss and the water lilies are amazing and beautiful.


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