13 August 2015

If not now, tell me when

If not now, tell me when, Charleston, SC   
I am nodding off at my keyboard. It's been a busy week full of work activities, new friends and laughter filled evenings. I just got home from a bite to week at Water's Edge on Shem Creek and walking the board walk at sunset. Not bad at all.

Today I took photos at the Chaplain student graduation ceremony at the hospital. I was snuggled into the corner of the chapel to get the right angle for the photos I needed and rather liked this shot of the words to the song with the singer in the background. Congratulations to all the Chaplain's and all the best to them in their new roles around the country. It is a special calling tending to the sick and dying.

G'night kids!


CharlotteHutsonWrenn said...
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William Kendall said...

I knew a minister who was a member of the congregation in the church where I grew up, and would fill in on occasion when the minister was away. His work was as a chaplain. A very difficult line of work.