27 August 2015

I used to love my Garden

Brookgreen Garden, SC

Rain foiled my evening walk so I had to row myself across the living room again on my rowing machine. It isn't quite the same as marching around outside, is it?

I had a plan for the evening but the entire plot was cancelled because of the recent daily thunderstorms. We meant to catch the watertaxi across the harbor and have dinner at the Fish House restaurant at Patriot's Point and then boat back. I had it all planned out and then wondered what happened if the boat stopped running in bad weather and we were stranded over there without a vehicle. Never-mind. We enjoyed an early and delicious dinner at Red Orchid instead. 

This evening's photo is a bit of fun from Brookgreen Garden. 


William Kendall said...

I did have to look up what a Bachelor's Button is! Very funny, Joan!

Charlestonjoan said...

They are both plants - Bachelors Buttons and Black Eyed Susans!