10 August 2015

Changes on King St.

Morris Sokol, King St., Charleston, SC  
Going, going, almost gone. The giant furniture store Morris Sokol has been selling furniture on King St. for 94 years. Wow. They have certainly been a landmark as long as I have been in Charleston. I bought my daughter's mattress there and a couple of outside dining tables. Take a look at these pictures kids, things are changing faster that we can keep up.


  1. Oh, I hate when old standards die! Glad you took photos!!

  2. And it's inevitably replaced by an IKEA in terms of the local furniture market.

  3. It's always sad to see an old standby close their doors.

  4. Furniture is a tough business these days. We used to buy furniture for our own lives and expected to have our kids take it afterward. Now, it is a consumable, tossed after five years.


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