29 August 2015

Boys, boys, boys

Charleston, SC  
See! There are men at the College of Charleston!
According to US News & World Report, the College of Charleston has a total undergraduate gender distribution of 37.7 percent male students and 62.3 percent female students. That wasn't obvious this morning as large groups of gentlemen students moved around the campus. There must have been some fraternity event in progress. 


  1. Girls ar probably very happy with the odds.

    1. It's the opposite Kate - the odds are in the gentlemen's favor. I am surprised the word doesn't get out and have guys flooding the school.

  2. I could have used odds like that when I was in college.

  3. The odds aren't quite tipped that way on our campus, though there are more women. The first years are all moving into residence this week.

  4. I'll take the second one in line, with the white shirt and the blue tie for two hundred, Alex!


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