26 July 2015

Royal Stamp Photo Party

Queen Vera, Charleston, SC 
Ohhh, I have been neglecting the blog for the quick thrill of facebook posts lately. I toss a picture up on FB and get so many immediate responses. Then, I feel like half my audience has already seen the image and I hesitate to backtrack and post it here. Shame on me. On the other hand, do feel free to join me on Facebook.

Once I realized that an individual is allowed to design and make custom legit US postage stamps from Zazzle.com I couldn't let it go. I was a childhood hobby stamp collector. Why should only the royal family be allowed to have royal stamps? I decided I could take care of that.

I ordered a tiara and bought a roll of red ribbon for a sash. I brought home all the shiny gold pins from various awards and events that I used as push pins on my bulletin board at work. I googled Queen Elizabeth stamps and decided my mother's old navy woolen nursing school cape would suit. I stopped at Joanne's Fabrics and bought a couple yards of blue background cloth to hang in my sun room and tossed out a Royal Stamp Photo invitation on Facebook.

What a silly fun afternoon we had! I downloaded the Last Night of The Proms so play as background music. I didn't come up with suitable tea party menu since I ordered pulled pork from my neighborhood pork dealer - Swine & Swig, but we did have them in cute little slider buns.

My friend Laura came prepared with lots of shiny bling - necklaces and earrings and two mink stoles! Thanks to all the ladies who made it an afternoon that will go down in royal history.

Cheers kids!
Queen Rebecca of West Ashley, Charleston