21 July 2015

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Crown Royal Whisky tasting, Charleston, SC 
The only thing better than a Charleston daily photo is a photo with whisky in it, don't you think? I was invited to the Crown Royal Whisky tasting at Stars Rooftop restaurant.
Crown Royal Canadian Whisky recently expanded its portfolio with the announcement of two new variants. Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, the brand’s first-ever blended rye whisky, and Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel, paying homage to the brand’s signature smoothness. Acclaimed Master of Whisky, Stephen Wilson, led a guided whisky tasting and showcased Northern Harvest Rye cocktails perfect for the summer season.

While the other attendees took the time to savor and describe all the subtle flavors and spices they detected I simply sipped and thought, "hmmmm.....THAT is nice". I was invited because of my social media presence so I gave them double exposure by inviting fellow blogger Chuckography along with me. He didn't mind at all.


This is a cake!
Chuck tries a Crown Royal contail


Catalyst said...

What's a contail? H'mmm, just a taste, eh?

William Kendall said...

I wouldn't have thought that to be cake!

chuckography said...

Actually, this was not a "cocktail." I wanted to savor my first-ever hand-selected Barrel on-the -rocks and the bartender gave me quite a heavy pour. I try not to be a complainer. LOL.

chuckography said...
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