29 June 2015

Our Nation's Mayor

Spencer Art Gallery, Broad St., Charleston, SC 
At recent public events I've twice heard Mayor Riley being introduced as Our Nation's Mayor. He is Charleston's mayor but since we've been fortunate to have him in office for almost forty years I think we can generously share him now.

This New York Times article asks Is Joe Riley is the Most Loved Politician in American? We may not all agree with everything he has done but most of us were comforted by the fact he was still in office to help steer Charleston through the recent violence. Thank you Mayor Riley. He has been the mayor since I have lived in the city and I have felt very fortunate. It is still hard to believe we will need to consider new candidates for the role. Big shoes to fill!


Anonymous said...

fortunate to have him in office for almost forty years
We will never know what this town has missed out on have him mayor for that long. He never looked beyond downtown and look at the mess we have now in WA.
I for one will be glad when he's gone, but its to late to keep me here. TERM LIMITS

William Kendall said...

That's a long, long time. I know one retired mayor here had a forty year term, and the mayor of a town near where I grew up has been there for thirty five years.

Jack said...

Forty years! That is admirable. It seems like any Hartford mayor who serves two terms begins to feel his (or her) britches and the allegations of bribery, incompetence or conflicts of interest begin. To serve forty years without scandal is impressive. Would he like to be President? There will be an opening in 2016.